Day 10: Cheers to my [redacted] economics group

I hope no one from my group finds this. They probably will and then they’ll hate me forever, or maybe I can turn this all around by writing something good about them. Well the challenge was to be appreciative or to write about something cool or something you like, so I’m going to put this under the cool category because I’m finding it pretty hard to appreciate or like these people. Only kidding guys. Only kidding. Let me write this quickly because Stanford application beckons me. You all individually are really cool people even though this project has taken years off of my life. I thought there was some underlying cause of all my stress, but nope, it was just this project. After I literally did the entire thing, I felt exponentially better. I’m starting to sound really bitter, but I’m not. I didn’t spend that much time on it, and I’m a nerd so I thought making graphs on FRED was pretty fun.

Back to the group, because I’m supposed to be commenting on how cool you all are. You guys can drive which is cool. Unless you are unsafe, that is not cool. It’s cool when you compliment me and say funny things. Not cool when you tell me to shut up, but I agree that sometimes people have to be told to shut up. Okay honestly, I would never work with this group again if I had the choice. Our completely unproductive meetings were undoubtedly amusing though. I laughed a lot which is always a good thing. LOL I feel like I’m randomly saying things to compensate for how much of a failure this ordeal was.

Right, I’m supposed to be raving about you all. I’m misrepresenting you all by talking about you all as one unit I know but whatever this will have to do. I’m pretty jealous of how laid back and relaxed you can be. I’m pretty relaxed and unstressed but compared to you guys I seem like a neurotic, uptight tryhard. You could be deceiving me, but you collectively seem to be able to balance your lives really well.
As a last thought before I break up with you all, some memorable quotes include: I’m breaking up with you. Will you go to prom with me? Do you condone alcohol usage? What does condone mean? I want to see you shitfaced. If you kiss Mike, we’ll do the entire project.” I just included that last one because I want everyone to ruminate about how ridiculous that statement was. Yeah don’t know where I’m going with this, so I’m ending this here. Especially because the fact that you all are sleeping makes me really upset. Hi5 for finishing this project without 1) anyone getting physically hurt or ill 2) minah having a mental breakdown 3) minah losing a night of sleep 4) minah getting angry. Because it’s all about meeee~nah!


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