Day 11

I’m a genius and I don’t throw that word around with anyone. I was debating what I should write about today, and if I should write anything at all, since I am swamped with work right now. I was thinking about posting this questionnaire type thing that I found on my friend’s blog and I was thinking about taking the easy route and using this as my cool/likable something of the day. Then I was thinking about appreciating my friend’s blog because I mean it’s somewhat interesting and entertaining some of the time. Then I started writing this post and realized that it is the eleventh day of December and what an appropriate time to appreciate his blog: Okay, honestly some of his posts are so questionable, and I don’t even understand what is going through his mind when he posts it, but you’ll find some quality writing if you try really hard. You have to look past the deluge of posts and pictures of Emilia Clarke and other only somewhat (or sometimes not at all) attractive girls. So check out this blog that started out as a mockery of my own: Honestly, I should be paid for this endorsement.

Fill so your readers can get to know you.

State your name: Meenyapolis
State the name that your parents almost named you: Minsung (My parents were expecting a boy).
Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? 
My mom. No actually I love my mother. We get along so well. 
Did anything embarrassing happen this week? Probably. I can’t remember a specific experience though.
Do you miss your ex? I’m going to leave this unanswered. Why?
White chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate is the only kind of chocolate that doesn’t give me gross phlegm and aftertaste. So Dark chocolate. Plus it makes you feel kind of refreshed and clean after you eat it. 
Do people praise you for your looks? All the time. Once someone told me I looked like Jessica Alba. Don’t see the resemblance? Are you blind? or dumb. 
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? Black. It’s poetic and it looks good with my eyes. 
What are some of your nicknames? princess, beautiful, honeybunchesofoats
How many bedrooms are in your house? I don’t have a house! My friends [squares] Emily and Lani think that I don’t have a house because they have never stepped a foot inside. 4
How many bathrooms? 1.5 but the .5 doesn’t count because it’s always so cold in there and the shower is so small and there is a vent/fan and it is SO loud I can’t hear myself think. So we have 1 bathroom that I use.
Do you have a job? 
Hit me up. I can tutor anything up to 12th grade every subject including spanish. 
Do you have a car? I have functioning feet and legs?
Do you work out every week? No, I’m much better than that. I work out every year. Because everyone knows that bigger is better.
Have you ever kissed someone you never saw again? Nope. I’m wholesome like that.
Have you ever sung in front of a crowd? Duh. Future Taylor Swift over here. I’m in choir for anyone who wants to know. I stand in Soprano section and talk to Halam.
What kind of bathing suit do you wear? A normal one?
Do you like your eyes? Both yes and no. Yes because Omg So Beautiful. My gaze is so captivating, I know. But no, because eyes are dysfunctional  Why can’t they see well like eyes are supposed to?
Do you think you are pretty? If I’m praised for my looks how could I not be..
Who was the last person you talked to in person? My dad
How much money is in your account? lol secret. maybe 1000? I know. I’m rolling in it. Speaking of money, can we discuss how I’ve been tutoring for 4 weeks (3 times per week, $25 per 1 hour session) and I counted my money yesterday and I had $105. So ridiculous.
Are you single? Yes I’m a single mom. 
Do you want kids? Sort of.  I don’t want to have kids to have kids, ya know?  I want to meet someone that I actually care about enough to have kids with.  Kids fucking suck. Commentary on Albert’s response. WOW so messed up. Don’t have kids if you don’t want kids. Don’t bring bad people into the world. Get a dog instead. I want kids dur. Is that even a question?
Tell me what your backpack looks like:  It’s Jansport and it’s purple. I think 50 people in my school have the same backpack. It’s perfect because there are only two pockets–the front small pocket for pens and phone and garbage and large pocket for books paper and garbage.
What celebrity do you think is hot attractive? I don’t know. I’m so bad at judging. Oh waiit so easy. Legolas. Orlando Bloom. Who remembers when he was on the Pringles container? ANyonee?
Last movie you saw in theaters: Dark Knight Rises?! Good movie..
Are you dating the same person you dated last year? Yes. H[is] name is loneliness. I actually laughed.
Has someone you were dating ever cheated on you? Thank goodness, no. That would be utterly demeaning.
Have you ever cheated? On someone? no, that’s utterly demeaning.
Have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’? Jejejojo (that’s not a name. I was laughing in spanish).
What do you like to do in your spare time? Psh. what a joke. Speaking of jokes, here is a Spanish cognate joke from Eliner:

Q. Why did the girl go to college and decide to never come back home?
A. Para tener exito.

I don’t have free time. When I pretend to have free time, I Go on the internet. Pretend to do work. Complain. Listen to songs on repeat. Tell others to listen to songs I like.


One thought on “Day 11

  1. I don’t like the “some” and “somewhat” qualifiers you’re using. Also, any semblance of “quality” writing is buried deep deep in the annals of my blog. They might as well be lost forever.

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