My parents

My parents make me cry because they make it so obvious how much they love me and they can’t even hide it. They don’t even try to make a display yet it’s so real, so flamboyant, so enveloping and awesome.

I’ve been struggling these last few days. I’ve been so discouraged, I’ve been doubting myself, I’m utterly disappointed and dissatisfied and inexplicably stressed. The semester ended on good notes, I thought, but I got home and everything just fell apart. I know my parents could tell. And they tried so hard to make me feel better. My mom told me to stop reading, to stop everything and just lie down and do nothing. She told me to just stop and do nothing. She told me to relax, to stay still, to think about nothing. To be calm, to take perspective, to love, to appreciate. Because it’s everything that my parents are so capable of. It’s what they are capable of for me in times when the only thing I can do is cry.


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