He had crazy hair and was dressed in a slim suit. The suit looked like it was made out of cotton, or some other type of limp  material, dyed black and cut and sewn into a suit shape. It resembled a suit, but it lacked stiffness or sheen. He carried a canvas bag that also lacked structure–but because of wear. He was deleting photos from his red digital camera with badly designed 90 degree edges and corners. He still carried around a digital camera for special occasions. He didn’t drop it into his bag when he was done looking at it. He reached into the bag to take out a hard leather case and into it slipped his camera. He took out another pouch, this one with the slippery fabric of tents and sleeping bags. The pouch was padded and had elastic bands wrapped around. He unzipped the pouch and took out a naked iPhone 4. The case was much too large for the phone, but it kept it well protected enough. He swiped his finger in his idiosyncratic way to unlock the phone and scrolled through his emails. Not much to his surprise, his inbox was empty except a reminder from the library to return a book he had borrowed but never even read. 


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