in no particular order

  • I let people get to me too easily. I’m in two discussion sections with the most obnoxious people. They are so condescending and pretentious while contributing very little to the class. I don’t understand people who just sigh and scoff and roll their eyes and give really contemptuous stares during class. If you disagree with something, why don’t you say something to contribute to the conversation instead of being a source of negativity. 
  • I’m so bad at speaking. I don’t understand why. How do you become good at expressing yourself? 
  • I’m contemplating printing a book at school. There’s this book I really want to read and it is 216 pages so front and back it would be 108. My printing quota is 100 pages per week and I use probably ~20-30. If I have a productive day I will print 50 pages. 
  • I just want ice cream.

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