so much conflict

My schedule for next year

Organic chemistry

intro to chemical engineering

physics lab

literature humanities (core)


My options are ordinary differntial equations, Korean, or History of English.

I’m So Conflicted. ODE is a requirement and the professor for next semester has amazing reviews. I have yet to have a good math professor here, so I am tempted to take ODE next semester. I desperately want  a good math professor who can explain concepts well and actually make me understand what the hell is going on. I really want to learn Korean and if I want to take it, I have to start in the fall because there is no off sequence Korean. I REALLY want to take History of English. It is a lecture by John McWhorter who is so famous and cool and I just admire him so much. I think I would love the class, but I’m pretty sure the workload will be significant. I can handle problem sets for ODE, I think. And Korean will probably be tedious but not too difficult. ~~ HELP ME ~~

Also if Korean isn’t too hard, I’m not completely opposed to taking 6 classes. OK as of now I’m registered for ODE even though in my mind, that is the class I am ruling out.

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