I swear, I’m sorry for the incessant, crappy blog posts but my brain is, like, super active right now! I’m feeling super productive and eating a super bad sandwich. I just read this NYTimes article (OMG I just wrote NYTimes ‘post’ and then corrected it to article. excuse me please.) that discussed slang words and improper english ie. using ‘like’ between every other word and writing lol at the end of a text. The author claimed that ‘like’ is actually becoming a polite word. I’ll insert an example. Instead of saying the dinner you just spent 4 hours cooking is bad, you could say, your cooking is, like, kinda but not totally bad. You see? The example they used in the article was actually, The only way to do it is… vs The only, like, way to do it is.. At the end of the article, my interest was piqued even more when I saw that it was written by a Columbia English professor. I’m V interested in taking his class on the history of English next semester. Is that kosher for a sophomore engineer? Probably not. Will I graduate on time? Probably not. Do I care? Like, yes.

I’m sitting in the coolest cubicle on campus. It’s like a cubicle, but it’s a semicircle so that would make it a semicir-cle. hahaha

OK. Time for calculus. I’m trying to convince myself that calculus is really cool and I love it. I met someone who is really artsy and he is taking a computer science class which he refers to as ‘modern architecture.’ And he thinks it is so cool even though he says it’s so unnatural for him and I don’t think he is that great at it. Also I think he doesn’t understand that codes need to compile or else it’s like you did nothing. I mean cs definitely has its stylistic and artistic sides but in the end da program has to werk. I appreciate computer science too. I just don’t like that it makes me feel like shit. 

OK. Time for calculus.


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