I traveled in Ireland for the past 6 days and I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to digest everything–the beautiful sights, the awesome people I met, the inspiration.

It was only one week, but I feel like I gained a lot from this experience. I definitely learned to let go and to be more appreciative. It sounds corny but I met so many travelers who are not rich by any means, actually, just scraping by with the money they earned from odd jobs, temporary jobs that are just a stepping stone for their real dreams. They cooked food with the little ingredients that they can afford, worked for free lodging, and disregarded the expectations of others. They lived in a crappy place with crappy amenities but none of them seemed unhappy. Everyone was willing to have a conversation, some were more talkative than others. About myself, I think I learned that I need new company once in a while. I love laughing and singing and dancing a lot. I get along with older people better.

people I met along the way:

1. girl, 24~25. American. Met her in Galway then we took the same shuttle bus and ferry to Aran Islands and stayed at the same hostel where she now works. For 2 years, taught in a rural Korean village where she learned Korean and started dating a Korean guy. Has been full time traveling since February and will continue to August. Never pays for lodging. Not sure about future plans. Disillusioned by cost of college education in America. Hyper-conscious about money.

2. girl, 24~25. Canadian. Has been traveling in Europe alone for the past 5 weeks and will continue for several more weeks.

3. girl, ~25 . really awesome dancer, drinks a lot.

4. girl, ~25. From Taiwan. Loves Ireland because it is so beautiful. “There are no parties in Taiwan”

5. man ~80. Irish but has lived in Spain for his entire life. Wife died a few years ago and son lives in New York. He travels and visits the Aran Islands at least 3 times per year.

6. guy ~25. Came from Korea to study English in Dublin. Traveled around and fell in love with Ireland enough to make him stay until next February. Started cooking upon moving to Ireland.

7. guy ~early 30s. “You are my hero” after I took a shot of tequila at the bar.

8. guy ~early 30s. “Not to stereotype, but are you Korean?” Biological mother who is Irish passed away at young age. Father remarried a Korean woman. His mom is Korean. Has 5 half-Korean younger siblings. Lived in Korea for 5 years and learned the language. Lived in Gangnam.

9. guy ~25. From Connecticut but denies it. “My parents are from there.” Only visits Connecticut for 2 weeks out of the year. Has dreadlocks. Is an Alaskan fisherman

10. guy ~21. Yale senior. economics math major.

11. guy ~21 Yale senior. biology major. has blisters on hands from frostbite from liquid nitrogen



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