61st hour of this headache

When I first wrote the title, it said 61th hour. 

I woke up at 8 am today and took a cab to pick up my passport from the Korean consulate. $25 for a headache and nausea. I walked 4 avenues to take the subway back and was on time to my first class. Then I had class from 10:10 to 5:25. 1.25 of those hours were spent taking a midterm which actually went pretty well. Today was the most beautiful day. “Urban beach” we call it when everyone is sitting outside on the concrete and marble steps. Then I had a seminar talk from 6 to 7. It was something about rocks and lava and ice. My head was throbbing so much that I couldn’t focus, but I still managed to ask a few questions. Then I went swimming for the first time at this school. I am so out of shape. My shoulders are sore and I was panting after 3 laps. Then I went to eat dinner and reconnected with old friends, mended some wounds. I hate that you can make me laugh because it redeems you time and again. But every time I’m amazed by how someone who was such an asshole can turn things around and make me feel happy just with a small attitude change. I don’t know if it’s genuine, but I don’t care. It shows me that the attitude matters more than the intention. All the medicine I needed was some good humor, appreciation, and attention. And Advil. Thank God for Advil.


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