I’m getting mad views on my blog (all from me). It is really degrading to be disregarded by professors. My lab group has 2 “nerdy-upon-first-glance” guys and I’m the third member. It’s really disheartening when the professor comes over to ask us what we’re thinking and whenever I say something she gives me a look and shoots it down, and whenever either of them propose an idea, she discusses it and asks them insightful or propelling questions. I get the feeling that she just thinks I’m stupid.

And not to be completely petty and full of it, but I came up with most of the ideas for our group project, but whenever I talk she looks at me like I’m dumb (or doesn’t look at me at all). 

Also, I feel like I’m getting no return for my input. My grades still suck even though I have been studying way more than first semester. My GPA is so bad that I am honestly, so, incredibly scared for my future. I’m so glad I clinched this summer research positions (although it is only because the professor does not know my GPA. He would probably murder me, then kick me out if he knew). 

Here’s to working harder. 

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