in retrospect

My best friend at the time and I stopped going to the same school 5 years ago. Since then we have bumped into each other in town 2 times and wished each other a happy birthday every year and liked photos on Facebook.

Recently, I had a serendipitous encounter with her and we sat down and talked for half an hour and then I walked her to work. She has changed a lot and so have I, but we are still friendly and polite, so conversation never ceased.

We talked about our summers, our relationships, our families, our futures.

Then when we seemingly ran out of conversation topics, she asked me, “So. How was high school?”

And the question took me by surprise. We hadn’t been in contact for all of high school. Four years when monumental changes took place. What had I done these past four years? What did she want to know? What did I want to tell her? What did I write on my college applications about my achievements and struggles?

I did a crude job of summarizing my life and interests. Is it telling if I didn’t remember most of the activities on my résumé? I blame my mother’s faulty memory.


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