“We’ll be friends forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet.
Even longer,’ Pooh answered.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I wonder about the longevity of friendships. Do friendships have expiration dates like milk and eggs? Would Pooh and Piglet be friends forever even if one moved out of the Hundred Acre Woods?

I’ve been fortunate to have good friends for my whole life. It’s difficult to split your attention among too many, though. So I have not been good at keeping friends. I am not friends with any of my best friends from elementary school, growing farther from the few friends from middle school, and clinging to the many friends of high school.

I suppose it’s natural to grow away from those with whom you no longer share interests or a common location.

I guess the next question in the line of thought should be, are friends replaceable? Could I have another you in a minute? By tomorrow?

I suppose. I will never experience again the same moments and create the same memories but I think the feelings and the bond are replicable.

As all my friends are moving to different parts of the world, I hope we stay in touch because such a close bond is valuable. There are only a few things more comforting than having a friend who knows everything about you–about your past, your family, your humiliations, your strengths and weaknesses. It’s so much easier to solve problems when your friend already knows how you feel without you having to explain all the experiences in your life that shaped your attitude and outlook.

I hope that all my friends make new friends in their parts of the world. I hope all my friends find people with whom they can share new experiences, new people who will discover their values and vulnerabilities and stimulants. I hope they find those who will not judge but will tell you when you have gone too far, when you have violated your own moral codes, when the guy you are hooking up with is disgusting. Those who will always be there to praise you for all your accomplishments, but not to give you false attention that peers give out of obligation or jealousy. Those who will listen to your worries and problems no matter how trivial they seem at the time. Those who let you talk even when you are being ridiculous and those who answer your stupid questions with minimal condescending laughter. Those with whom you can comfortably share truth and laughter and tears and silence. Those who make you feel like you, your genuine self no matter how boring and introspective and weird you are.

I’ve been blessed with amazing friends who fit all those koalafications and more. I wish for all my friends to always have such comforts and supports in their lives.

But I digress. Can we be friends for longer than forever? I don’t know, but I dare us to try.

Be bold.

your friend


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