I had this crazy yet really normal realization that I’m being forced to become more independent and responsible for myself. Yesterday I went to the bank to set up my “adult” account that is still linked to mother so she can still see my transactions as well as provide me with money and benefits. Side note I am spending 53.9% of the money in my personal bank account on first semester tuition! You may wonder how I will pay for second semester and then the 6 subsequent semesters of college and occasionally, I wonder the same thing. The perks of the adult account are an upper limit of $1000 per day (but no overdrafts) and I can get a checkbook which is necessary for paying tuition. Also I set up online banking and the bank man encouraged me to download the app on my iPhone. As all this new money related stuff was given to me, I realized that my wallet with my card and my checkbook and iPhone with banking app and bag containing all previously listed things were suddenly becoming greater weights and responsibilities. My iPhone except for the actual value of the phone is not very valuable to me. I have 2,423 photos and 26 songs which I try to backup to my hard drive frequently (meaning twice a year). Also I have really meaningful text messages, ones that were rashly sent although usually I delete those out of shame (if you delete it from the phone it’s like deleting it from your memory but not), a lot of promotional emails from cosmetics companies and The Home Depot, and emails from important people that I keep unread out of fear. My wallet usually contains my high school debit card, a credit card that I have used 2 times, and various movie ticket stubs which serve as bland conversation starters.

So as I got the banking app and a new card and a checkbook, all these thoughts floated to the top of my head. Like maybe I should set a password on my iPhone. and maybe I should stop leaving my bag unattended when trying on a cute sweater over all my clothes at TJMaxx.

I went home with all these worries about these new responsibilities heaved onto my frail frame. But then my dad called and I told him all about my trip to the bank and then he asked me to put my mom on the line and proceeded to tell her to not let me carry around the new debit card and checkbook.

Phew. What a relief.


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