story of blah

It’s so sad. You know how they say high expectations always lead to disappointment. Or here’s a good one: expectation is the root of all heartache. You go Billy! It’s a stupid and annoying but nevertheless pithy maxim (I think that’s redundant, but let’s say it’s for emphasis).

This proves true all the time in my life. I used to think that was a chance occurrence, but now I realize that there is never a time when that is not true. Am I jaded? 

It is irritating that I can never be too excited or hopeful because I fear disappointment. But how can I curb expectations or disappointment. It’s not exactly something under my control. If I too eagerly anticipate an event or meeting or movie or meal, I know that it won’t be great and I won’t enjoy it. Ironic, but 

Yeah I don’t even know. I’m just whining because my life isn’t perfect (it’s very close).


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