Rents to high

Stranded in the middle of nowhere
With no one to blame but myself
All I can do is laugh
Laughter is the manifestation of my shame
This situation is not funny
Funny looking because it’s so scary
I guess if I walked straight I would eventually get home
I guess if I walked straight back in time I would undo what I have done
I have fried, raw spaghetti in my knockoff Prada backpack
It’s not an oxymoron if you already know
I’m thinking about work today and work tomorrow
Every day is the same
Twelve to ten
Different people but everyone’s the same
Work wears at my bones and joints
The human body isn’t meant to stand upright
Work wears at my mental stability
“Pack lightly!”
“Are you crazy?”
The world is breaking me
My body is fractured
My soul is getting there
My mouth tastes sweet but rancid
He did this to me
Looking at the stars is inevitable
The sky is gray-purple-charcoal
The silhouettes of trees are darker than the sky
Earth is dark
The moon provides enough light for me to see my shadow
It is one dimensional
As am I
I am a sinner
But I am saved
Keep telling yourself that

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