They step outside into dewey grass and a morning chill. They throw the contraband into the gutter as a stray cat stares all knowing of what they just did.

They sit on the rock. It used to seem so dangerous to make the climb to the top. She felt her heart skip beats as she imagined her foot slipping and her body tumbling to the ground. She imagined broken limbs and gashes on her face. But things are different now. The massive boulder is now a rock that is only as high as her belly button. She hoists herself up and helps him up and they sit in silence. Their eyes search for light in the distance. Sometimes you can see the big dipper and polaris from here but today the clouds obscure the distant lights of the universe. The wide plain before them is dark and their eyes are drawn to the orange glowing of street lamps. Right as her eye catches a light, it burns out drawing her back to him. She shivers from the dropping temperature of dusk and he tells stories to fill the silence. It’s always something fantastical. Something about his plans for his future. He will build his glass castle and marry his Daisy.

They collapse onto the bed and he nudges her. He pulls away her pillow and replaces it with his arm. She falls asleep clutching her phone in her hand. As she drifts into unconsciousness, she feels him hold her hand and carefully pry open her fingers. She moans in in opposition and he chuckles. As if she had anything to hide from the guardian of her deepest secrets.

He leaves and she runs. She runs for miles. She runs to the water and watches the ducks float in the current. She sees the fine line of light that separates land from sky. She takes a deep breath and smells the putrid odors of rotting sealife.


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