Every day is happy day (days 5-9)

I really tried to write something every day, but it never came out the way I wanted it to. I have been thinking about what made me happy every day, I just never got around to writing it all down. 

There are perks to being a senior, and one of those is getting to plan and organize my school’s science fair. All the younger research students use this fair to practice for their other competitions, and the seniors plan, organize, and judge. The fair ran smoothly and everything was in place because we are super prepared and stuff. Being able to judge was unexpectedly insightful and if I had a little more foresight I would have written down my observations of good and bad presentation skills so that I could remember them for my own competitions, but in fact, I lack foresight, so I guess all I have are good memories and a little bit of pride. 

On Wednesday, my friend convinced me (well he convinced me by telling me not to do it, so he actually did the opposite of convincing but I was convinced) to apply for local scholarships, so I stayed up until 4am doing all the applications. Despite my raging headache and inability to focus the next day, I kind of enjoyed writing those essays. I forgot what it was like to write real pieces on real things with meaning and I kind of enjoyed it. The product was mediocre at best, but I was brought back to those glorious college application days. I wondered to myself how I managed to write so much wayyyy back when it was 2 months ago and I was a little more proud of myself. 

I tutored for 4 and a half hours on Thursday. It was pretty insane, but the student was surprisingly well-behaved, and I was really happy to have helped him and worked with him. Also, I made a ton of money so I don’t have to feel like a dependent parasitic freeloading leech (redundancy is key).

Snow is beautiful. It has perfect crystal form and piles itself onto every surface so elegantly. But then it melts and turns gray and seeps into your shoes.

Sun is beautiful. It warms the earth and melts away our sorrows (the sorrows of trudging to school in snow and slush and puddles).

The weekend was pretty wild. I ate cake and slutty brownies and ice cream and jamba juice. and I had so many serendipitous encounters with friends.



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