This is so over-privileged suburban teen of me (since I’m into labels) but I saw this cute photo of myself and I thought, ohemgee new profile photo. Should I do it? Will I get likes? Let me ask my friends. And then I clicked the safari app on my white iPhone 4S and I realized oh right. I’m off Facebook. I can’t get the satisfaction of 20+ or actually I would gauge this as 30+ agreeing with me that this photo is cute, Asian, and nerdtastic.
I feel like I do this every year. I get into this internal conflict that I try to resolve by pulling myself out of social media or making some superficial changes that really don’t mean anything. I’m not any more consumed by Facebook than other teens around me nor am is it killing my self esteem. In a way I feel like there is this parasitic, destructive quality to it, but I think it would be rather myopic and dramatic to say that it is destroying my life. I think Facebook is really useful and quite honestly, fun. I don’t even know why I’m off Facebook. I don’t really have a reason. It’s probably because I’m bored and it’s something I want to try.


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