Happiness is… (two kinds of ice cream)

I’m taking this idea from my friend. I don’t know why or how, but a lot of people (including me) seem to be in a rut right now. So for the rest of March, which actually is a really significant time period, I’m going to write one thing per day that I appreciate or made me happy. March is significant because 1. It’s Lent, 2. It’s boring and sad and dreary, 3. it’s the last month before college decisions (yeah, I said it).

So cheers to a happy March.

Day 1: good food good company. I went to this random restaurant with my friends and then had frozen yogurt. Despite all our complaining and whining, I had a good time and I’m glad I have friends who are open to new places and random outings.

Day 2: I got a prom date and my prom date got an iPhone. That must have been especially a good day for him since Siri and I are pretty good catches if I do say so myself. I’m better though.

Day 3: MIT OpenCourseWare. I actually sat at home and watched Walter Lewin’s physics class. It was unexpectedly enjoyable.

Day 4: My tutoring job. My kid was so good today. I was so proud of him. At times he can be unbearable and impossible to control and teach, but I was really proud of him for actually trying and wanting to do his work. It took some convincing and nagging, but he did a lot of work by himself and he even asked me for more practice problems in preparation for his test. I don’t think I’m particularly a great tutor, but I am patient and I will force him to do all his work, so I was so elated by the fact that he was polite and willing (and to an extent enthusiastic) to do his work. 


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