I don’t want to be

reasoned through
with a set of pros and cons
you logically conjured.

I just want to be felt
and I’ll do the same for you.

Phil (click)

First of all, I thought this was really beautiful. It’s so simple, yet contains so much truth. I am the queen of pros and cons lists even though they never work because if you are really conflicted about something, a pro/con list will not make the decision any easier. Chances are, I have already thought about all the options and consequences and pros and cons in my head, so putting down on paper sometimes complicates the situation more. I feel like I can relate to this post only as of recently because I only recently learned that I had emotions. Just kidding. I actually recently realized how convoluted and wrong it is to treat people as a commodity or as a project. I mean obviously I knew that. I was raised in civilization among other humans, I swear. But I still manage to have this horrid habit of disregarding others’ feelings in 1. thinking about myself and benefits to myself and 2. genuinely wanting to help the other person. Evidently it’s all about the ‘tude. Regardless of how much I have wanted to help someone, things go awry when I start pitying the person and they realize that I’m trying to help them. I guess the best way is to form genuine relationships that foster mutual support and guidance. It’s so incredibly hard to understand other people that once you do, the connection is really special and should be valued, with all technicalities, psychology, analysis aside.

Second of all, this was written by the really famous Phil who is known by all middle school and high school girls with access to the internet. He’s a good writer although he seems reluctant to take that compliment.. Anyway, props to him for writing something that really struck me.


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