What’s wrong with consistency?

I think I leave my house more times than usual now that it’s second semester, but for the most part, everything is the same. I still have tons of work to do and I feel compelled to do all my work. I really don’t think my attitude has changed, but I guess everyone else’s more relaxed attitude has made my social life more lively since others are more inclined to hang out on the weekends.

Remember in ninth grade health class, we drew that triangle that had sleep, school, and social life at each of the three points? We came to the conclusion that it was nearly impossible to balance the three and life always involved a compromise of 2, if you were lucky, only 1. I probably have sacrificed sleep the most, but I pride myself on the fact that I was able to balance school and social life. Regardless of my work load, I’ve always made time for relaxing with friends and going out, even if it is just to the supermarket. It’s so easy to relax on your own, by watching movies or scrolling through your newsfeed. But I’ve always found it really draining to sit in my room on the computer just chatting or browsing the internet, so I always made the effort to actually leave my house with at least one friend every weekend. I like going on adventures, taking hikes, visiting new stores, meeting homeless people, extreme couponing, thrifting, eating unhealthy foods at night, you know.

I’m pretty sure this is what got me through high school, because as was covered in freshman health, in most cases, each point of the triangle benefited the others. The fact that I was able to meet my friends every weekend gave me that refuge from the hours upon hours of rigorous and routine studying, but I guess I really don’t have to state the obvious.

Bringing this to the present, I feel like I’m still maintaining a healthy academic and social life and I don’t want to tip the balance. I don’t feel emptiness and thus I don’t feel the need to infuse my life with all the fun and craziness that so many think they ‘deserve’ at this point in our lives.

There are those who finally broke free of all restrictions now that they’ve made it past the point that “matters” but I can’t get myself to do that. Mostly because I don’t think that’s right. I find it so interesting that some people have completely gone¬†berserk now that it’s second semester and their new found freedom has instilled in them this attitude of invincibility and superiority. I just wanted to put it out there that I feel the same as I have felt for the past 4 years. I feel the same pressures and I have the same amount of fun.


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