I have made very little progress with physics. Well I learned all about circuits and did you know that the electromotive force isn’t really a force?!!!!? Because I knew. From a long time ago. I just like educating my readers, since in the future I hope to be an educator, so I’m getting an early start through this blog. See how I always think into the future? That’s so Raven, it’s the future I can see. That’s so Raven It’s so mysterious to meeeee.

Do you think people who say they are confident and secure are in actuality insecure? Because that’s what I do. I just keep lecturing myself about how self-assured I am. Is it working for you? Because I think it’s working for me.

I don’t understand people who ‘want to be adventurous’ but then give ten million qualifications eliminating every available option to mankind.

It’s the absolute worst after world hunger, violence, war, cancer, infectious diseases, racism, politics… okay fine, it’s not the absolute worst. It’s mildly annoying, when you use something with really fine particles of glitter and it ends up all over your hands and arms and clothes. I think glitter can reproduce because somehow it spread from my cheek to my forehead to my chin to my finger to my entire hand to my arms to my hair to my clothes and to my computer and to my phone.

I got to 85.7% on my physics webassign. yay! Time for Thai food.


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