I posted something from my phone today, but it’s not here. Wow I’m really disappointed in the wordpress app. I’m actually really upset about this. The post was something about food. Oh right, I was suffering from withdrawal from meat, but I’m fine now because all desires to eat have been mitigated by extreme nausea. 

I’m pretty sure not complaining about the sacrifice is a big component of making a sacrifice, but assuming no one reads this blog, I’m going to complain. It’s so difficult. I didn’t think it was going to be this hard (refer to previous post). I actually crave chicken or stead or anything meaty/gamey at every meal. At breakfast I want ham and sausages, at lunch I want chicken sandwich or something, and at dinner I want steak and chicken and even the worst animal product-pork. It’s not even entirely psychological. Well maybe it is, but I feel like I’m physically fatigued by the lack of meat in my life. I’m constantly nauseous and I feel heavy and lethargic and disgusting. I went out for sushi for dinner since I figured I might as well eat a food that I normally like eating besides meat. But after that meal, I felt even more sick. If I want to do this, I seriously have to fix my eating habits. 

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