Please excuse my poor writing quality. I haven’t been writing consistently, so I kind of forgot how to write. I’m losing grasp of my voice. I used to be able to write an entire blog post in a few minutes because they words just flowed out of my brain and the synapses signaled my fingers to type the words onto blank screens, but I’m losing this skill set. I’m so bad at writing and conveying my thoughts. I feel like my emotions could at any moment inundate this screen, but the letters won’t come out. There’s such a disconnect between my thoughts and my words, it’s disconcerting and in simple terms, just makes me really really sad. I’m going to get back to writing almost every day, so I can grasp control over my voice and words once again. I’ll also try to start writing things of substance, not just word vomit from my disorganized thoughts. Also, I’ll stop using also as a transition/filler word.


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