I think there is something right with you

3 good qualities
1 thing you forgive them for
1 thing you can do to be nicer to person
(c) copyright eliner kawaii kim
I’ve been a really big hater  recently, so I’m doing this thing where I learn to appreciate people and forgive people and fix my own attitude through personal reflection.
So for example, Eleanor is really funny and can always make me laugh. She’s real, as in not virtual. She is generous and shares her food with me always. I forgive her for publishing ugly photos of me on Facebook. There’s nothing I could do better because I’m a perfect best friend. Just playin’ I could be a better listener and give practical advice and be more understanding through the rough times.
2. You are so easy to talk to and really patient. You know how to make me laugh and make me feel better when I am stressed. I forgive you for your lack of tact. (That was a borderline rude comment.) I should be more considerate of your feelings.
3. You are pretty funny. I admire your intelligence and work ethic and sensible priorities. You are considerate especially when it comes to helping me with schoolwork. You are patient and tolerant of my sometimes excessive complaints. You have a good attitude and know how to lighten up boring situations. I forgive you for creating scenes and making me feel awkward. I will be nicer and more considerate and have a positive attitude around you.
4. You are incredibly easy to talk to. You are insightful and always give me good advice. You are so real, and you are brave and smart enough to tell me when I’m being silly, or immature, impractical, or overdramatic. I forgive you for ignoring me sometimes. I could stop pestering you constantly.
5. You are so bubbly and interesting. You always make my day so much brighter with your positive attitude. You are confident and live like a free bird that doesn’t care about the happenings down on earth. I forgive you for encroaching in my personal life. I will support you by listening intently to your stories and offering genuine and practical advice.

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