Gneiss rocks

I’m studying rocks and minerals for science olympiad because I enjoy burdening myself with events on subjects that I have never encountered in my entire lifetime ie. rocks and minerals, water quality, thermodynamics (!!), and circuits. I think I remember circuits from physics, but why did I choose all these events that require so much effort in learning completely foreign material? I thought it would be so fun months ago and confession: these topics are actually is really interesting, but bad timing BAD TIMING!  Rocks and water quality are straightforward, but you need to learn and retain so much information. Thermodynamics is really difficult because I have never been acquainted with the subject, but it’s mostly a technical event, so hopefully I’ll be okay. And also, for the first time, I have decided to do events that require building stuff. I guess I can build stuff according to instructions and use common sense/critical thinking, but I have never considered myself to be a bob the builder techie mechie type. Guys, but here’s a bit of reassuring truth: all those optimization problems in precalc were worth it! I made my own cardboard box today using calculus. Just kidding, I traced a square and cut the cardboard and perforated it and folded it into a self closing box.

Despite all my whining and complaining, I’ve actually been learning a lot and it’s rather fun. This is what I mean about loving esoteric topics and trivia. I love learning useless information while I am attempting to learn useful information.

1. what is the banana slug of the mineral world?

2. what do the hawaiian words aa and pahoehoe mean?

3. what is the official state mineral of Wisconsin?

Whoever answers all three questions gets a prize!


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