Post [college app] traumatic stress

To be honest, I haven’t been posting since New Year’s because I was really lost for the past week. Not to sound overly dramatic, but I’m just going to go ahead and sound overly dramatic, I’m so much more stressed now that college apps are over and the levies holding back all the work I had been negligently overlooking have broken. Speaking of being dramatic, I think everyone thinks I am dramatic. I was describing an interviewer’s house to my friend and people listening to our conversation were not accommodated to my sometimes flamboyant and overly descriptive speech.

I have had 2 college interviews this week and I’m having another one on Saturday and another one in two weeks. I have never had a good interview. They are all good, but not fantastic. I mean I just talk about myself and my interests and why I like the school (which is the hardest part). It’s kind of fun going to interviews at people’s houses because I like observing their lifestyles especially because most of my interviewers have been lavishly affluent (or so it seemed). I’ve taken to really appreciating house decor due to the lack of any house decor in my house. My house is literally white and bare. Every wall and ceiling is white and our furniture is basic golden wood colored and our carpet is a blue undertoned tan. The color palette is really cold and bleak. It kind of feels like you are in the arctic circle. My last interviewer had the most luxurious and regal living room I have ever seen. Everything seemed gold and gilded. There were tassels and silk and velvet and oriental rugs and everything was just so beautiful. There was this antique wooden box ornately carved and gilden with flecks of gold that were chipping off and inside was one coaster for a cup of coffee. lol.

I don’t remember what I was talking about. I’ve just been stressed with these interviews and obligations and schoolwork. This weekend is going to be so crazy (read: crazy because a crazy amount of work, not crazy because of crazy parties) too and I need to study for science olympiad because pride and dignity and I have to study for midterms. I have a bunch of topics I want to write about, so I’ll get around to those. I have to start writing again because I’m pretty sure I forgot how to write.

Musings over this past week:

1. what if everyone rollerbladed

2. what if you had rollerblades for feet

3. should I get a driver’s license?

4. how much I want a pug/dog/furry friend

5. do people get annoyed/think I’m weird when I hum disney songs in public?

Oh also, for a bit of good news, I’m an Intel semifinalist! Huzzah! I was really surprised because my project wasn’t really fantastic or conclusive or anything, but I was pretty proud of my essays and my research paper. I wasn’t that excited when I found out and I’m still not exceptionally excited. I appreciate and am honored to be an Intel semifinalist and I really admire Intel for creating such great opportunities for students, but I don’t think becoming a semifinalist changed anything. I worked hard and just packaged and showcased what I have done over the years. What I did, I did, so this recognition honestly didn’t make me feel different. I am so thankful for all my friends and teachers and family who have been supportive and have congratulated me. I really mean it when I say I couldn’t have done it without the influence from each person I have encountered whether it was a good influence and support and help and encouragement or criticism and resentment (hopefully no one has resented me). Actually I guess I am pretty excited about all the opportunities that this reward may cultivate.


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