I remembered my original intention of writing a blog post and it was to tell the world that I am addicted to bejeweled. I never get addicted to games and I was never a video game or phone game or any game kid. I never got into angry birds, or scramble with friends, or any other hyped games, but I am actually addicted to bejeweled. If I had no restraint I could play for 5 hours. I have shamefully played for an hour. It hurts my head and makes me feel like my eyeballs are getting destroyed, but I keep playing. I guess that’s what drugs are like too in many ways. If I continue, I will die a horrible death. The horror, the horror as I stab my game of bejeweled which contained my soul and conscience. The obsession has actually died down a little, but it is laughable how much my friends and I talk about bejeweled in public. It’s probably the greatest turn off. “How many coins do you have? Should I buy this gem? It’s soooo annoying that you can only get 500 coins. Nooo! My daily spin only gave me 5000 coins. I got over 300k, but I was using a rare gem. Wow I got over 200k au naturale.” My best friend and I have analyzed all the deliberate ways in which the game was made addicting. Here are a few

1. The game is 1 minute long, so it is so unsatisfying that you have to play a few more games.

2. They make the games progressively harder as you get better. In the beginning I got high daily spins and jewels would just burn on their own. Now, everything is so much slower and the game is slow to help you out and award you points.

3. THere is no quit option. Right when you finish a game there is a button to play again, but never one to quit.

I would also like to make note that one can buy coins with real money. You can buy coins with which you can buy gems and power ups. The coins are sold in packages of 50,000, 100,000, etc for a certain amount of money. And I would like to bring attention to the $99.99 package in bejeweled for 9 million coins. Worth it? You tell me.

One thought on “Bejeweled

  1. this is so funny! i’ve never been likened by those hyped-up games either..except bejeweled!! maybe its because i like the fact that those gems are so exorbitantly colorful & i like to see them go crazy and disappear LOL but really i don’t think I’ve ever played angry bird or scrabble with friends, etc.

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