New Year’s resolutions

I think having goals and resolutions allows you to be happier, healthier, and not a complete lazy failure or in other words, allows you to be successful, so here are my goals for 2013!

1. Get into college
2. Sleep like a normal human being. 6 hours minimum meaning sleep at 1 am or earlier
3. Eat like a normal human being. 3 meals minimum meaning eat breakfast
4. Be optimistic and confident meaning don’t be a hater and don’t make quick judgments
5. This is already starting to look like a year of failed goals, so I’ll throw in an easier one– drink water and stay hydrated
6. Get a job in the summer
7. Read books to stay smart and sharp. For a realistic goal, read 20 good/reputable books this year on your own
8. Be nice to family especially sisters and dad
9. Save money instead of buying clothes and useless gadgets and over priced food (ie. macarons)
10. Go to church on Sundays even when college starts
11. Study and learn and don’t get senioritis. Senioritis doesn’t even make sense because -itis implies inflammation I think. And I don’t think seniors are becoming inflamed..? Do well on APs because they do matter. I would really love to never take Econ again
12. Learn physics and don’t get 50s on tests
13. Read the newspaper daily
14. Find an interesting and esoteric topic to learn about


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