New year, New meeeee-nah

SIGH (of relief). I am so beyond so happy right now because I have officially submitted my last college application! This process is gruesome. I know admissions officers just say to be honest and have fun with it, but having to do application after application gets really tiring and depressing. I’m really happy with this last application, so I think it was an appropriate ending (3 days before deadline!) to Minah Kim’s college application process. 

Now the financial aid..

I have been less than wonderful to my parents during these past few weeks of stress and anxiety and I’m so grateful that they tolerate all my insanity and random outbursts of hysteria. I wish I could say that I was able to balance my social life and health and college applications and schoolwork, but unfortunately I really wasn’t able to. I’m not superhuman. I think all this stress and workload at the greatest toll on my health which is really disappointing as I usually prioritize physical and emotional strength and stability. My poor sleeping habits and eating habits have drastically diminished my energy level and taken a chainsaw to my mood, so I’m off to a 3 day retreat in the middle of nowhere. Peas V (that’s me making the peace V with my fingers) and carrots.

Here are excerpts from my liveblog through these last few days of rigorously writing and applying to colleges.



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