23, 24, 25

23- Macarons

Hannah and I took a macaron making/baking class and it was really fun. Everyone there was kind of old and the teachers were snappy, but whatever because I love macarons. Don’t ask me to make macarons. I took the class but I still don’t know how to make one.  

24- New York City

New York is such a wonderful place at Christmastime. My sister bought the family tickets to How the Grinch Stole Christmas, so my sisters, parents, 3 cousins, and I all went to the city to watch and have lunch and do last minute Christmas shopping. I bought all my gifts yesterday because I have had no time for Christmas shopping. Our family doesn’t really do big gift exchanges though. I got 5 different chapsticks for Christmas which really made me laugh because everyone in my family knows I have super chapped lips and I always lose my chapsticks. After the city, my family went to church and I saw my friend who I haven’t spoken to in so long. I was actually so happy to see her and I was indescribably glad that she and her family were fairing well. 

25- Christmas and College applications

Merry Christmas! I made myself a grilled cheese for breakfast which was quite wonderful. My family and I then opened gifts. I bought myself something from Lush, my sisters gave me lip balm, and my mom gave me a puffy vest. I know I wrote about vests before, but I still love them a lot. The vest I had been wearing is my mother’s so she probably wants hers back since I have my own vest now.

College: I still have 6 applications left. So I must do 2 today and completely finish them. I want to finish by Friday so that I can go to a retreat. I’m still debating, though, I have a lot of homework too, so I might just stay home and do homework like a square. I can also hang out with friends who I haven’t seen in a while if I stay home. Someone ask me to hang out over the weekend so I don’t go to retreat because if I go, I’m going to be swamped with work and get no sleep before school starts again. 

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