Day 22- Haircuts

Haircuts are glorious. Go back in my blog history and read my post about hair from before. Long hair and dead hair are gross and burdensome and now that it’s all gone, I feel so refreshed and clean. If I were a boy, I would keep my hair short and get haircuts every few weeks.

I don’t really know if I wanted my hair to be this short, but I don’t care about hair that much as long as it isn’t dead and doesn’t have split ends. Split ends are so disgusting and are my pet peeves. There’s just something really disconcerting about the ends your hair being damaged enough that they split into two and then that whole shaft of hair is ruined forever. Speaking of forever, I have to think of a favorite memento. I can’t think of any because I honestly don’t get attached to material things and I don’t keep things for a long time. I either lose it or throw it out because it clutters my space.

My hair cut today lasted for 40 minutes because the lady wouldn’t stop cutting my hair. When I thought she was done cutting my hair she stood back and looked at it and then touched up more areas. And then she finally blow dried it and straightened it and I thought it was over, but she continued for another 15 minutes. It’s really short now, but I think like my hair this length. She asked me if I wanted bangs, and I was so tempted to say yes, but I didn’t because bangs get so annoying.

My hair looks so much cleaner and neater now. Long hair is so ratchet. Unless you somehow  have healthy, long hair.


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