Day 17- The most awesome thing in the entire world/best Christmas present ever

Today was our newspaper secret santa gift exchange. I was the worst gift giver. I gave a movie gift certificate and the only thing that makes me feel remotely good about my gift is my card which had two adorable dogs on the front. And my message was pretty cute too.

But omg. Oh my Gosh. My present. Was. So. Epic. I really hate the word epic, but this present was actually so epic. It came in this colorful, festive Christmas gift bag with a dressed up snowman and reindeer. And inside was a white DVD case. There was a piece of white paper inserted into the DVD case cover and scrawled on the papers were the words, “A VERY MINA HOLIDAY” with this awful drawing of what I think was supposed to be a pug, a hand peace sign, and a smiley face. Then on the back was scrawled hahaha haha hahaha hahaha hahahahah ha ha hahaha haha  ha ha. And on the binding: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYYYYYY. Honestly I was scared to see what was inside, but I opened it and I have no idea what I was expecting, but obviously there was a DVD. It was one of those blank DVDs that you can write, so to put it in simple terms, the entire gift was so sketchtastic. Anyway, I said thank you and everyone else got their gifts.

Second best gift after mine was Dan’s Coby Walkman CD player from Katie. Coby (with a C) because Dan is that good at basketball and now he can listen to 2chainz… Yeah I don’t get it either, but it was hilarious. Then next best gift was Erin’s STOMPEES from Kelly. Hilariously enough, Erin expected the STOMPEES to fit her even though everyone knows STOMPEES only come in kids sizes. Despite the fact that they barely fit, Erin ran around in her STOMPEES while the bunny ears were flopping around everywhere.

After dinner, we went back into the pub room, and of course, I inserted my DVD into the computer while everyone including Zarkh and Medico crowded around this one Mac. and then the opening menu: LOL LOL <# <# <#

SO after everyone got situated around the computer, we clicked play, and it was a 15 minute video of Victor playing the ukelele, singing the word pug a million times, all while sitting with different images of pugs in the background. We all died. Yeah. I don’t know if I have ever in my life laughed and cried simultaneously that much. Pugs are actually my favorite animal/pet/gift from God. Victor posts photos of pugs literally every day on Facebook, and I always like them, so he made me this incredibly ridiculous and ridiculously hilarious and hilariously incredible video. I’m so happy. Thank youuuuuuuuu. In the future I’ll try to post the video if I can figure out how to because everyone deserves to see this.


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