Day 16- Trail mix

I woke up this morning, or rather, this afternoon, and thought of 2 great things I could write about for today and tomorrow, and now 7 hours have passed and I forgot what I was going to write. That’s what times does to you. It fools you and takes your memories away.

So I’m going to write about trail mix. Trail mix is one of those really simple ideas that works so well. Kind of like orthodontia. They say that there is math and physics involved, but I really think that if I had to and if I had the right tools, I could straighten out someone’s teeth (as long as their mouth isn’t a complete mess). I know that sounds like a lot of qualifiers, but that’s not the point. The concept of braces is a really simple thing and it works despite how horrible and traumatizing they can be.

Trail mix is great starting with the name. It’s can be eaten on trails (or anywhere else because it isn’t a messay food) and looks like something you would find on the ground of a trail. I woke up and had trail mix next to my bed, so I decided to eat it for brunch. It is addicting, which means you can assume that it’s not the best for your health, but I tried to mostly grab handfuls of raisins and peanuts and let the m&ms slip through my fingers. It’s really a genius combination, and although it isn’t really healthy, it isn’t completely unhealthy either which is very good for me because after I decided to stop eating, I didn’t feel like a total couch potato/fattass.


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