Day 15- Vests

People underestimate vests, but I’ve been trying out this gray Michael Kors puffy vest, so I’ll share what I’ve discovered from my 2 days of experience. 

Vests are amazing! They are so cool (well actually warm) because you wouldn’t expect them to keep you warm but they do. They are like Eliner’s northface special camping sleeping bag that feels like a plastic shopping bag, but is actually so warm inside. Just having a thick, down layer around your core dramatically increases your body temperature while you still have full arm mobility. It’s the best of all worlds. You feel like it’s spring or fall, but you are still toasty in the frigid weather. It’s the best of all worlds!

I had a conversation with my newspaper adviser/english teacher/proponent of vests and we agreed that they are absolutely utilitarian and fashionable (questionable). You can mix and match what sweaters or fleeces you wear under the vest for some variety and you don’t look like a bloated snowman or marshmallow. 

This guy at newspaper as well as my dad don’t understand why we can’t just wear jackets. My dad is really puzzled by fragmented items. “why would you pay for a jacket with no sleeves (aka vest)? Why would you pay for half of a car (aka convertible)?

Because they are super hip and hot (literally).


2 thoughts on “Day 15- Vests

  1. I was supposed to wear fancy clothing today, but i didn’t feel like it. so i just wore my normal all black suit and threw on a black tie, black vest, and a chain. fancy schmancy hurrr.

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