Day 13: sympathies

I’m appreciative of sympathies because I’m not even in need of sympathies and who doesn’t like unwarranted ego boosts? Yeah so I didn’t get into college, but it’s okay I’m not bougie so I never ride business class anyway. I’m more of a meatloaf eating, standing on 30 minutes bathroom lines kind of girl. I can wait another million and a half months, I guess.

My square group of friends (it’s funny because there are 4 of us and there are 4 sides of a square) have been so supportive and amusing as usual. No one else thinks we are funny (sorry to break it to you guys), but everyone must be delusional because we are so hilarious. They are pretty good at making me laugh, so within of few minutes of talking to them, I felt like normal human being again. Honestly, I can’t even believe how nice some people are (and of course, how insensitive other people are). One friend sent me links to neverending photos of cats and bunnies which is just wonderful without explanation. Others just texted me, and I’m still surprised by how genuinely kind and encouraging people are. This is a bad blog post, so that’s it.

Look forward to a Furby appreciation post! It’s going to be beyond this galaxy awesome. I’m even going to commit myself by saying it’s beyond Andromeda awesome. Mhm. Also for updates, I’m applying for a summer job!

update: best comment from friend to make me feel better: Conor Kennedy is ugly anyways.


One thought on “Day 13: sympathies

  1. I would text you but my phone is MIA (permanently if I can help it). Jk, I probably wouldn’t because I’m really bad at starting conversations even with people i know and am comfortable with. Sorry you didn’t get in, even though you said you don’t need no sympathy. But you’ll get in somewhere, over the rainbow. Hopefully far away from me 😛 Keep on chuggin’ (chiggen) Minah.

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