*embarrassing moment

I thought of one. Yesterday I was eating lunch or pretending to eat lunch because I don’t eat anymore. I was eating yogurt, pineapple Chobani if anyone was wondering. Pineapple Chobani is so bad; don’t ever get it. Anyway, I was forcing myself to eat my yogurt so that I could provide my body with some sustenance and I had a half full spoon of yogurt in my hand and then this &*^%$% kid from across the cafeteria throws this handball at me (not intentional obviously) and it grazes my hand and hits my spoon and my yogurt container, spraying yogurt all over me and my hair and the girl sitting next to me. Everyone’s jaw dropped including mine, in utter shock and confusion. I wish I had an instant replay or something because that caught me so off guard. So yeah I had the rest of school with yogurt all over my hair and clothes. It was worse for the girl next to me and I felt so bad. The #$%^&* boy did not even apologize and came over to get his ball, which someone at my table had thrown into the garbage, back. But I’m not a belligerent person which is why i just sat there like a placated child/submissive asian wife. 

This happens to me every year. I have at least one traumatic cafeteria experience per year. The absolute worst was two years ago when someone threw an orange at me. It hurt so much I was like What. The. Hell. how am I always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Additional comment, indoor soccer is so dangerous. I’m so oblivious and unaware of my surroundings, I can’t play a game that requires quick reaction and large scale movement. I got kicked in the shins so hard today, I am going to have a horrendous black and blue bruise tomorrow. 

One thought on “*embarrassing moment

  1. this is why i don’t take lunch, so i don’t get harassed. but ew, yogurt for lunch? just get some granola. this reminds me of when i was at panera and i was told to refer to this girl who sat next to me as “yobo” (i still don’t know what it means) and when i said it, the girl across from me spat her drink out. she apparently had a lot in her mouth cause it drenched both me and yobo girl as well as our books. it was awkward explaining what the stains on my calc homework was.

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