Starting today and for the entirety of December I’m going to write about one thing that I like, find cool, or means something to me a day.  I don’t have finals soon, but I have college applications (whoooooo I love growing up)—so I may miss a few days here and there, but I will get thirty [one] things down.

Since Christmas and the end of the world are approaching, I think it is an appropriate time to be thankful and reflective. I want to appreciate what the world has to offer because we and the world may not be here forever.

Actually I missed the first two days, so here are days 1 and 2.

Day 1: Band. Large musical ensembles in general are pretty cool. They make me feel power. Read: not powerful. power. I don’t feel like ooh I’m some powerful flute player. I just feel the power from the band as a whole and it’s not often that you get to witness true power. I don’t want to get all touchy by saying that I love how we’re all united and diverse, so that’s it. My favorite part is the power of the sound. I like harmonies and interesting chords at a really loud volume. I like being in the middle of that and being consumed by the sound.

Day 2: Circle scarves.Infinity scarf. Snood. Whatever. Who invented this? Genius! I don’t even understand how you knit these things, but I don’t care because they are so wonderful. It’s a better version of a scarf. I can’t wear normal scarves anymore. Here are the pros: you don’t have to worry about a tail, they are warmer, they look nice and cozy, you can use them as a headscarf to battle harsh winds, you can use them as a shawl and blanket and pillow. Okay they are just fabulous. Go try them out.


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