gluttony is a sin

moderation is boring.

I’ll say more later, but in the literal sense, I have been overindulging (that’s a euphemism) for the past 4 days. I have been stuffing my face with food to the point where my pants don’t fit, I am ashamed of myself, and I feel sick.  This is the time of year when I only wear leggings and sweatpants because nothing else fits. It’s so sad and I dislike myself for becoming larger than appropriate and then I magically become normal me-sized again and all my pants fit. wheeee. I think I went up two pants sizes just in this weekend. no joke. I ate three meals a day and then late night snack. I never moved around, so I was never hungry at every meal yet I ate ad nauseum. And then I wasn’t hungry for the next meal, but I ate more and the vicious cycle continued.

This is real. Real promise to myself and my few readers. I’m going to be extra healthy and food-intake-conscious this week..although I’m so bad at being healthy. I don’t know how to control portion sizes. Whenever I try to eat healthily, I stop eating because i’m afraid that I’ll eat too much and I end up eating too little and I become weak and tired and my mother gets concerned. Maybe I’ll write stuff and my readers can judge me and chastise me for making poor eating choices. Good plan.


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