This was a review of my school play: unedited. The edited version is really polished and sounds good, I promise!

NITTTSTD KONY 2012!!! (Now is the time to seize the day. King of New York 2012)
ngu! (Never give up)

Lies. Pain. Destruction. Death. High school play?
Performed during the weekend of Nov. 10, Lillian Helman’s The Children’s Hour tells a cautionary tale about the power of lies, and the importance of being true to oneself.

Best friends and coworkers, Karen Tilford (senior J) and Martha Wright (junior S) run a girls boarding school, to which they have devoted their entire lives and savings. From the opening scene it is obvious that schoolgirl Mary Tilford (junior S) is the quintessential bully and troublemaker. Armed with connections to one of the school’s major benefactors, her grandmother Amelia Tilford (senior D) and blackmail material for every student, her potential for manipulation and destruction is manifold.

The tumultuous downfall of the headmistresses starts when two schoolgirls overhear Martha being criticized by her aunt for her “unnatural” relationship. When Mary Tilford gets ahold of this information, she uses it simply with the intention of getting out of school. Mary Tilford, frustrated with the teachers’ strictness, runs away to her grandmother’s house where she reveals a rumor that would devastate the careers and lives of the two teachers.

Their entire careers and lives are ruined by foolish, lolo, craycray, devilish, manipulative, imbecile Mary Tilford.

Brennan’s performance during this part was over-dramatic. Her mood transitions were too dramatic, switching from anger and angry misery/crying hysterically (yoyo don’t know a word for that) to placated apologies to her grandmother. These inconsistencies made Mary Tilford seem mentally unstable and psychopathic, getting rid (wc?) of any sympathy for this child.

Cue the craycray, lolo drama and screaming and physical violence.

Genuinely disturbed by the supposedly lesbian teachers, the grandmama propagates this information to all parents who promptly withdraw their darlings from the sinful arms of the dedicated teachers.

Fantastic argument between Delia and Liam here.
Top rate performance from granny Delia woot woot loved her makeup and hair and outfit. she should always wear outfits like that. I liked how her voice crackled like an old lady’s voice. and her hands shook when pouring whiskey. also she was freaking out and trembling when trying to make phone calls. No wonder they put buttons on phones. those turny phone dials are really difficult to use. superb performance. really believable. I would have thought she was 80 if i didn’t know she was Delia.

The teachers proceed to bring the libelous and rebelibelous (combination of libelous and rebellious for those not smart enough to figure it out. It’s okay NGU! YCDI! That stands for never give up you can do it but I’m sure my readers are intelligent enough to figure that out) (not really rebellious, just evil. according to hf) (harhar) claims to court, but with the testimony of another student blackmailed by Mary and the absence of the aunt who knew the truth behind the conversation that started it all, the teachers lose the case.

The time when the teachers are cooped up in the schoolhouse elicited fablooose performances. Cue the crying and going craycray from being locked up in a room and ostracized by les townspeoples. Really awesome breakdown from Sydney.

Karen made her sexual orientation clear through her relationship with and devotion to finance Dr. someone (Liam M). However, after she realized that he was in doubt, she ended their relationship, one of the saddest parts yo.

Conclusion: Mary Tilford was a wicken (sorry can’t spell. It’s Wiccan). She conjured spirits. She was supposed to be an impetuous child who simply wanted to get out of school, but by the end she could not be seen as anything but a devilish, horror character. She used physical force as well as verbal abuse to wrangle her fellow schoolmates who would not obey her every command.

It’s difficult to understand the message of this play. On one side, it portrays the power and destruction that lies and a herd-mentality can cause. In a more obvious way, the play reveals how it was being lesbian at that time (also now). how society is inflexible and judgmental hmmm….idk. Why didn’t Hillman challenge the idea that homosexuality is unnatural? She just left it at that……..why?


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