My interesting life- are you jellin?

I don’t know where all this sass came from. Probably from Andrew Chen (shoutout to this btinmakhtlo).

I’ll recount my experiences from Wednesday night with my lovely newsies–(can’t find the mdash shoutout to Zarkh who said I looked like I was posing for North Korean propaganda in my photo) Hannah and Celine! Hannah arranged this lovely excursion for us because we are newsies meaning we were the news editors of our school newspaper last year. Now Hannah is a big shot EIC and I’m the News Editor and Celine is off doing bigger and better things at college. Anyway, our news section was amazing so we decided to have this reunion which was just an excuse to see Newsies on Broadway. We bought tickets and speaking of buying I owe Hannah an exorbitant amount of money although it was totally worth it because Newsies was amazing so I guess it wasn’t exorbitant.

We took the train with the intent of going to Penn Station, but something with the switchboards malfunctioned. I couldn’t hear because we were talking over the conductor on the loudspeaker, but then this sassy woman shushed us and then this old man came in asking what the problemo was and I was like idk, but the sassy woman knew it all so all was well. We were rerouted to Queens and we took the subway from Queens to Times Square. By this point we had missed our reservation that Celine had made at this well-reviewed Italian restaurant, so we decided to catch something fast and easy. As we were deliberating on where to eat dinner, Hannah had this flash of inspiration to go to this trendy Thai place that she had been to once before. It’s called Qi if anyone is interested. The food was pretty good, and this interior design is rather interesting and unique. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Then we went to the theater to see Newsies and the line for ticketholders was out the door and down the street and around the block. Fast forward. The show was incredible. Our seats were super cramped and my legs were too fat for the small space between my seat and the seats in front, but who cares because the show was so great! All the news boys were fabulous dancers and the choreography was amazing and how many more times can I say amazing before you stop believing me. I loved the tap number mostly because I think tap is the coolest. We all bought merch like crazy fan girls and yeah it was a great experience.

Then we had some extra time, so we went to Korea Town and ate cake and hot chocolate at this cafe. The waiters were really cute with their Christmas sweaters and puffy hats. I have this weird connection to this cafe, but I can’t say on the internet because it’s weird and embarrassing.

Thankfully the train was repaired by the time we left, so we were able to take the train at home. I slept over at Hannah’s house and we gossiped and such before passing out from that long day. And then we woke up and ate waffles and started writing centerfold because whaddya know? We are newsies!

View from the frontwaiting in the long line. Almost at the door!Illegally taking photos in the theaterplaybill and merchcute hot chocolate with my spirit animal in cream


Side note at the end

I realized that I really love seeing Broadway shows. I once told my friend that I wasn’t an extravagant Broadway show type of girl because I like to think that I’m simple and modest, but I guess I am not. Sorry I’m so bourgie…….bourghetto. Just kidding. Completely kidding.


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