YISIANIASH (yay I submitted Intel and now I am super happy)

I submitted Intel! I submitted at exactly 9:38 and I purposely chose that time because, well, it’s a secret and no one can know. My original goal was 7:00, so what does that say about me? Can’t achieve goals? Or maybe will not submit anything less than the best? The important thing is that I submitted before 12 and experienced no technical problems. 

I feel like this is a new era of my life. I am so relieved. Some people said they didn’t feel any different after, but I feel dramatically different. Like the difference between crab and crabcake. face and facebook. death and forever. I think this is how I was supposed to feel after submitting my first college app, but I didn’t feel this way because I was pretty relaxed and not stressed while doing college stuff. Of course, now I have to get back on the college wagon which will probably be even more stressful than intel. 


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