[2012-10-28 오후 8:20:25] Minah: LOL i died
[2012-10-28 오후 8:20:31] Eliner: loollololol sames kk nn ccc

[오후 9:16:58] Minah: NN
[오후 9:16:59] Minah: NICENICE
[오후 9:17:00] Minah: MM
[오후 9:17:01] Minah: MICEMICE
[오후 9:17:05] Andrew Chen: RR
[오후 9:17:06] Andrew Chen: rice rice
[오후 9:17:12] Andrew Chen: ll
[오후 9:17:13] Andrew Chen: licelice
[오후 9:17:19] Minah: EWWWWWWWWWW
[오후 9:17:23] Minah: you’re dirty
[오후 9:17:25] Andrew Chen: you have ll
[오후 9:17:30] Minah: you have mm
[오후 9:17:34] Andrew Chen: you are a pp
[오후 9:17:39] Minah: huh
[오후 9:17:45] Andrew Chen: potato peeler duh
[오후 9:17:47] Minah: LOLLL
[오후 9:17:55] Minah: you are uuu
[오후 9:18:23] Minah: ugly uggo uggy
[오후 9:18:57] Andrew Chen: you are a btiealtrtloo
[오후 9:19:12] Andrew Chen: bitchthatisevilandlikestoruinthelivesofothers
[오후 9:19:36] Minah: you are a btimadkhtlo
[오후 9:19:46] Minah: bitch that is mean and doesnt know how to love others
[오후 9:19:48] Minah: BURN

[오후 9:35:09] Poof: acronyms arent that effective if you have to explain them later
[오후 9:35:17] Minah: meywstgt
[오후 9:35:24] Minah: maybe eventually you will start to get them
[오후 9:35:27] Minah: myad
[오후 9:35:30] Minah: maybe you are dumb

[오후 9:36:26] Poof: i know what an acronym is but i don’t know what an initialism is
[오후 9:36:33] Minah: myad
[오후 9:36:38] Poof: myaa
[오후 9:36:39] Minah: see how that worked?
[오후 9:36:45] Poof: myntsu
[오후 9:36:52] Minah: im not getting these
[오후 9:36:55] Poof: g
[오후 9:37:00] Minah: what is myaa
[오후 9:37:15] Poof: acronyms dont work if you explain them
[오후 9:37:29] Minah: myaa
[오후 9:37:33] Minah: maybe you are annoying
[오후 9:37:37] Poof: ^
[오후 9:37:48] Poof: ding
[오후 9:37:52] Minah: reallllllly?
[오후 9:37:53] Minah: WOWZA
[오후 9:38:05] Minah: myuntsu
[오후 9:38:13] Minah: maybe you need to
[오후 9:38:17] Minah: shut up?

[오후 9:44:56] Minah: myad
[오후 9:45:54] Poof: not really applicable
[오후 9:46:03] Minah: icswiw
[오후 9:46:03] Poof: myad
[오후 9:46:18] Minah: myas
[오후 9:46:34] Poof: imbsbaliand
[오후 9:46:51] Minah: imbdbalianu
[오후 9:46:56] Poof: LOL

Guys it’s working. I’m trying to speak in initialisms  Dytiww? (do you think it will work?)


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