I’ve been listening to the top 50 Korean songs on Korea’s Billboard charts for the past 5 days and I should really stop because 40/50 songs are horrible and for some reason the top 50 songs have not changed for the past week. The songs keep moving around in the top 50 list, but new songs are not entering the top 50. Can someone write a good song? Another thing bad about this playlist is that whenever I start listening, I catch the playlist around the 20th song, so I listen to all the bad songs that I don’t want to listen to. I like the top 10 and the last 10 because the top 10 is top 10 for a reason duh and last 10 is usually the good indie and underground songs.

Speaking of top 10s can I just say that I’m obsessed with this girl? She is so amazing and charismatic. I’m pretty sure that we are the same age, but I’ve been following her since she was on that show, so I feel like I’ve been watching her grow and rise to stardom and I feel this weird sense of pride in her accomplishments. Listen to the songs especially that last link because it took me 30 minutes to find the mp3 file online…


에픽하이- 춥다 ft. 이하이

너를 위해

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