Friend: Gloria

First of all, I really love your name. It just rolls off the tongue so well and when I see you and want to be like GLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have this other friend Gloria and she is so beautiful and nice and confident too. So obviously it must be the name. I’m going to name my child Gloria.

We aren’t close and I’m sure you know that, but I can still write a lot about you.

You’re so likable. I think that everyone ate lunch with you over the summer, but I never did because I was in chemistry and so far away from you guys during the day. I met you at those lovely lectures and then at our fancy date at the math lecture that no one understood, but it was okay because we got to have wine and cheese afterwards. Well, we didn’t really have wine because we are minors. I got closer to you on that night before the symposium when you illegally slept in my room and we talked in Grace and Jen’s room for hours. It was probably awkward for you before when everyone was crying lol. To be honest, it was awkward for me too because I don’t think I was as close with everyone as other people were and I only have the ability to cry over petty matters. I had actually heard quite a bit about you before I met you and it was for a funny reason. I don’t know if I should say here, but ask me if you’re curious.

You’re so easy to get along with and I have other people’s testimonies in support. I think we also got closer after the summer from tumblr especially because you write so much.  The internet is such a great place. I know so much about you. Is that creepy? Even though most of your sentiments on your tumblr are shared by the entirety of the teen population of the world, you have this mature way of presenting them. The things you write don’t elicit eyerolls from me when most teenage problems do because I like to think that I’m mature and above such things when I’m really not and that’s why I have this blog where I am beyond petty and I complain about everything. Except my friend and I started this thing where we say two positive things about this one teacher we have before we complain endlessly about her because she is absolutely crazy and I don’t understand her.

Hands down greatest source of admiration is the fact that you did cross country (also that you love your body). You don’t know how much I admire runners and scholar-athletes. That is so hard and I don’t know how you do it. Running is so painful, I know, or I like to think I know, and it takes so much mental and physical strength to keep doing it. So yes. You’re a strong girl and I honestly wish I had the strength to stay on top of my life while running.

I really want to start running and getting back in shape actually. And speaking about shape, I was so glad, words cannot even express, when we talked about calves. For those who are curious, I’m talking about baby cows. I don’t actually want to write about this on my blog because of insecurities (ahaha as if I’m not vulnerable on this website already), but I was so glad, not in a sadistic or schadenfreudian way, but in a zomg someone can relate to this lifelong trouble of mine way. I can’t complain about it to anyone because everyone is just like Minah STOP complaining you are so skinny so just stop. But they don’t understand. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. Except now you do.

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