Just kidding I was just kidding. I am in a talking mood because I’m annoyed. Blah blah blah. I hate complaining because it just makes you sound stupid and trite. But I do it anyway because I mean I don’t know why. It doesn’t really make me feel better. I think I’m developing paranoia. Ugh I also hate it when people pity themselves and diagnose themselves with random diseases because they think they are so special when actually everyone probably has the same anxiety and quirks as you do. I also hate it when people use superlatives and absolute words like everyone. That’s just super annoying if you know what I’m saying. I also hate it when people just keep talking and use also as a transition word when it really isn’t and doesn’t add anything to the sentences it just makes you sound like an obnoxious teen who can’t speak properly. I also hate run on sentences. I also hate it when things that were fine and dandy are ruined and I just want to throw everything away because who wants that garbage in their life? Why even bother? I have tons of other stuff so I can afford to get rid of that little good attached to all that bad. I also hate it when people talk so ambiguously so you don’t know who or what they are talking about and it makes others paranoid that the person is mad at them. Well chances are I’m not mad at you because I don’t get mad (ugh hate it when people state things so matter of factly) but chances are I’m talking about you because I want to give you an ego boost. I care so much about you and I’m writing this about you right now. You’re special. You really are.


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