I have school tomorrow. I haven’t had school in a week because of Sandy (thank you) and now I have to go back and who knows what will happen? Chaos may ensue, halloween may be rescheduled, teachers may be absent, all teachers may give a test on Friday to have one last grade for the quarter. Wow why did I do so badly this quarter?

So what did I accomplish this week? I did some college apps, I thought about life, I got a lot of sleep, I froze my butt off in my heatless home, I walked to the supermarket, I scoured the town for an outlet to recharge, I worked on intel, I emailed my mentor and he responded for like the first time ever, I emailed my mentor more and pretended that we are really close even though we aren’t, I did my math homework, I went shopping, yeah and that’s about it. 

I was really upset by the false announcement of no school tomorrow that was rudely rescinded. gosh. You can’t take it back, okay? But then we got this official phone call from the superintendent so you know its legit. or maybe it wasn’t and we actually don’t have school tomorrow. Okay we do and no one can debate it because the principal tweeted it. And we alllll know that you can’t take back what you write on the internet. Then, they posted it on the school website in this horrid, garish, neon green color in size 50 arial font. Seriously? Be a little sensitive to the color blind people out there. I’m pretty sure all the little teenagers and kiddos were anticipating the announcement of whether we would have school and every little pupil was probably refreshing the district homepage, so I don’t think it was necessary to make the font so large. It’s just tacky. Have some class. I should study and bake muffins now. 


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