To quote Colbie Callait,
This is not the way that it should end, it’s the way it should begin, it’s the way it should begin again. No, I never wanna fall apart, never wanna break your heart, never wanna see you break my heart
Okay her lyrics really suck. Just listen to the song. It’s a little better when it’s sung. I don’t know why I quoted her. I just like that song and I felt like being an angsty teen. lol I kind of love making fun of myself. It’s like such a win win. I make fun of myself and then crack myself up because I think I am really hilarious. I have such a good relationship with myself. If I use the first person pronoun or first person direct object pronoun or any other word referring to first person one more time I would probably be viewed as narcissistic. But I think I’ve used it in this post an appropriate number of times because I have tact.


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