I’m going to update my live blog because I’ve been journaling since I have had no connection to the Internet for the past 3 days but this is important. seriouslyyyyy. I have had no power and no phone service for the past 3 days and I still don’t have power and I have to walk a mile to get cell phone reception. I have been off social media for 3 days and I’ve been wearing seven layers to keep myself warm. I know that there are people who live not very far from me who have been completely devastated by this hurricane which I why I’m not complaining. Well I am. But not about electricity or LIPA or rancid food or how I couldn’t Facebook and tumblr and aim and gchat for the last 3 days.

I am complaining about all the people who are so blissfully unaware (lol that’s actually me) of the situation that people are in right now. Half of the homes in my neighborhood have generators that keep me up at night and then a lot of people have left town to find a place with power. Maybe my family and I are just unresourceful but I like to think that I’m tough. I think we can make it through a week of eating packaged food and pasta and other nonperishable food items at home. Actually most people have gas stoves so you should be able to cook whatever you want on the stove. This is an opportunity to learn how to boil water and cook food. I think we can make it through a week of cold floors and wearing a lot of clothes indoors unless you have a fireplace which is pretty amazing. I think we can make it through a week with no Internet, no TV and just talking to friends and writing and doing work without electricity. We can make it through a week of reading by candlelight, going to bed at 8 ad waking up at 8 am.
And it hasn’t even been a week. It has been 3 days.

Okay but I understand all the people who have gone away or those people who have bought generators. You have the money and friends, why not?
Maybe I’m just bitter and I’m trying to make an argument that doesn’t make sense because I’m sitting at home unable to be productive.
Go progress!

EDIT:: Okay I totally take it back. My argument is so great. You guys are all bougie, spoiled weirdloaves. Including myself because I went to Barnes and noble today. Takes one to know one


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