SAAAAAAAAAANDY you’re the most presumin dog~ that a human could know

I had so many blog views today! Yay!

I went on an adventure to Stop and Shop today. I went earlier in the day to buy a toothbrush and pumpkin bread mix and the store was crazy. It was madness inside. People were pushing into other people with carts filled over the sides with the most random foods that they probably will never eat. People were buying the basics: bread, milk, water, beer, nonperishables, Entemann’s but then with these basic items people were excessively buying ice cream, eggs, candy, frozen foods, instant meals. I could not understand the thought process. I’m stocking up on all this food in case my family and I are trapped in the house with no electricity and we obviously need ice cream and frozen foods when our freezer and oven will be unusable. Oh and Halloween is coming up. Let me buy all the Kit Kats in the store (for the kids of course) and also one pack of hot dogs. I’m still American, aren’t I? I’ve always wanted to try those chips. What a perfect opportunity. These may be the last chips I eat, so I might as well buy the ones I have always wanted to try.

Then late in the evening around 8, my friend and I walked to Stop and Shop which is appx a 30 minute walk along the shore. I bought White cran peach juice (generic brand because generic is cool), a lemon LUNA bar (I AM a girl), puff pastry (I’m going to make elephant ears, and cherry fruit leather (because I prefer processed foods).

The walk there and back was slightly frightening. There were very few cars since so many people were evacuated and the town seemed so empty. And we walked by the water and the tide had gone down, but the water was still pretty turbulent.

The important thing is that I took creeper pics of random people at stop and shop because I am a creep. I’m a weido. What the hell am I doing here? No actually I was pretending to be a photojournalist with my iPhone 4S. I took really impactful (word?) photos of empty shelves where bread should have been and empty refreigerators where ice should have been. Ice is a huge commodity during hurricane season (that’s a thing now. like monsoon season in south east asia). Last year, before Irene, my friend’s mom was on this unrelenting search for ice to save perishable food items. We visited several supermarkets, all that were out of ice, and we ended up driving 45 minutes away to a completely different town. That was actually my birthday last year now that I think about it. My friend and I went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. We had never been there, and apparently there had been a reason. The food was okay but it was weirdly moist and warm in there. and it was on a super hot summer day.


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